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MAY 9th  2012

Watch Live Webcast:



 ICANN Panel discussion, Washington, DC. January 11, 2012

Moderator: Naseem Javed


 Rod Beckstrom, CEO ICANN,

 Kristina Rosette, Special Counsel, Covington Burling

 Roland LaPlant, CMO Affilias

On the eve of the GTLD launch, the panel discusses the key components of the upcoming global branding revolution.
This 90 minutes discussion took place at Newsium and was webcasted worldwide on January 11th 2012.


Release date January 12th 2012

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A new book has been introduced to deal with the global naming complexities amidst the thick fog of confusion being created among global marketers, on one side the exiting new technology and the new powers to global cyber name branding and other created by the advertising branding agencies from all over the world creating mythical fears to disrupt this rapid domain name expansion.

In order to move beyond all this and to explore various models of market domination via name identity, this new book is being released worldwide on January 12th 2012.

The book is written in simple language for the boardroom where issues of global market domination are top of the agendas.
Most so called famous brand names all over the world have already reached their peak and are not worthy of the global 'one internet one world' platform, where to dominate that space a 'one name one owner' capability is most desirous. Unfortunately, the largest group falls into 'one name and thousand owners' category, hence all this the fog of war.

It’s no longer important whether you are an expert on ICANN GTLD or not, the question is what you are going to do if your sector gets dominated by new GTLDs? What to do and how to manage is the bigger question.
This is a serious topic for CEOs and CMOs and requires some deeper understanding of the global cyber branding landscape.

Prepared for senior executives in non-technical language this book is critical for business expansion and for the image and name identity
centric teams.

Here are the facts:

There are 2 Billion online users
There are 200 million domain names
Both numbers will double in coming years
The ‘big bang ecommerce’ will continuously expand
Market domination via name identity is a new frontier
ICANN’s GTLD platform offers amazing potential
We live in a ‘one internet, one world’ domain
We aim ‘one name, one owner’ for image domination
When both fronts are
combined, name Domination is the result

The world suddenly appears to be under the Internet dome there are
2 billion online users, engaging with 200 million domain names.
When FaceBook alone has 500,000,000 active users,
YouTube gets 3 billion views per day.


While the majority of businesses around the world unaware, monstrous tidal waves approach, poised to shake down the old structures of marketing and morph them into highly intricate digitally driven modules sprinkled around the world. Something we have not seen before since the introduction of the internet.

A very tiny portion of the corporate sector is actively engaged in this debate, while others are engaged in battles with advertising associations of the world who are violently opposed to this new change. Right or wrong is no longer the issue, domain name expansion is already a rapid expansion path.

January 12th 2012

On June 20th 2011, the internet authority, ICANN, the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, created a global shockwave in Singapore. A thousand delegates witnessed the long awaited release of the gTLD program, which would allow new types of domain names with unlimited potential.

There is immense information on the language and the complex details are most suited to legal professional and senior IT people. Still there is a lot and frequent visits to the site will only provide richness and deeper understanding to the subject.

The application fee per name starts at USD $185,000 plus another $500,000 to integrate.  This investment is no more than what a large single highway signage costs over a ten-year lease. This is more about thousands of such luminous cyber structures over high-density, information highways.

This cost does not require justification. In large business corporate expenses, this is a small amount, considerably smaller than what is routinely spent on advertising campaigns.
The combined global advertising expenses are in excess of USD$500 Billion.

Beginning January 12, 2012, ICANN will begin accepting applications over the next three months. This small window is only open to accept 500-2500 applications, and will remain shuttered for the next few years.

By May 2012, all 500-2500 applications will go live and online. Being a transparent process, all applicants and their proposed names will be open to the public as the approval processes begin. The world of global cyber name branding will reach the upper stratosphere. The year of 2012 will change the marketing game forever.


Understanding all these digital movements and acquiring highly calibrated skills to tackle global issues of marketing and business expansion is here the next winners and losers will be decided.

If we accept one internet one world as a norm then one name owner become a natural progression to achieve market domination via name identity.
When you and your city go to sleep the ¾ of the world is wide awake, running, consuming, producing and innovating to get ahead.

Release date January 12th 2012

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To order large quantity or speaking engagements kindly contact: Kristal Wallis



Naseem Javed

For the last few decades, Naseem has circumnavigated the globe and made his mark as a name identity expert. Born in Delhi, raised in Karachi, he has spent the last 40 years living in Canada. Thirty years ago, Naseem founded ABC Namebank International based in Toronto and New York. This small specialized consultancy on corporate nomenclature and brand architecture offers thought leadership and provides answers on how these names directly impact the success and failure of organizations on the global scenes. Naseem has also authored an influential book, Naming for Power, delivered some 100 key notes, and written hundreds of articles.

Naseem directs corporate teams in this naming process; he has personally created names for his clients that when combined pull tens of billions of dollars in annual revenues; he is recognized as a world authority on global naming and corporate nomenclature issues. Naseem stays active and up to date on the latest ICANN policies, which in coming years will completely turn the global cyber-name-branding and domain name scene completely upside down.

A great speaker and a moderator, he opens the way for dynamic debate on the future of image and identity of corporations and where exactly they are headed; his talents are correctly spotting global naming trends, noting how they suddenly attack on existing powerful brands. Naseem is an award-winning graphic designer.

He worked as marketing consultant on the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics. Today, he works exclusively on global corporate nomenclature issues, leaving designing work to other brilliant agencies. Unless he is on a podium, somewhere around the world, Naseem is at his home just outside of Toronto, where he lives with his wife Lucie and son Tashi.



Author: Naseem Javed
Book Details
Soft cover: 270 pages
Publisher: Metrostate Syndicate (2012)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-9866100-3-5
Product Dimensions: 5” X 8” X 1”
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Copyright © 2012 Naseem Javed.

No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except
in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical columns and reviews.

Publisher: Metrostate Syndicate, Toronto

Published simultaneously in United States, Canada

Library of Congress Control Number:  2011963750

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Javed, Naseem, 1944-
Domination : the GTLD name game / Naseem Javed.
Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN 978-0-9866100-3-5

1. Internet domain names.  2. Branding (Marketing).
I. Title.

TK5105.8835.J38 2012       004.67'8       C2012-900076-0First Edition

Editor: Tashi Alexander Javed
Printed and bound in USA

Price: USD $ 45.00

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